Hoops for suspension

Hoops for suspension are used in conjunction with the All-in-One systems. The hoops are made of anodized aluminum and help to keep the duct from "cheating" towards the center of the duct collapsing when there is no airflow.

All-In-One ducts are delivered with hoops preinstalled from the factory. The hoops are easily removed and re-installed, which reduces the effort associated with maintenance (instructions for removing the hoops).

The All-in-One systems available are shown below. 

All-In-One is an ingenious solution to a problem associated with classic fabric ducts. The system consists of semi-circular hoops that are sewn into pockets on...
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The ability to launder FabricAir ducts is one of the many unique advantages of selecting fabric over metal ducting.

Some applications require regular duct...

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Suspension document:
General -G027

Suspension System general files