Beyond Metal: Exploring remarkable applications for fabric ducts

When the term “HVAC ductwork” comes to mind, you might imagine conventional spiral metal duct systems. However, the world of air dispersion solutions has a flexible and contemporary alternative: fabric ducts. FabricAir ducting, with over 50 years of continuous innovation, offers a solution that challenges traditional air dispersion solutions. Let’s examine the unexpected and diverse applications of fabric ducting, uncovering its adaptability, efficiency, and unique advantages.

Carlos Alonso Ollacarizqueta

Sales Manager, Spain


Ice in the Wind: Harnessing Fabric Ducts in Wind Turbines

Wind turbine in wintery conditions - Borealis Wind

When it comes to wind energy generated by cold climate wind farms, the combination of fabric ducts with wind turbines has proven revolutionary. Fabric ducting helps cold climate wind farms increase efficiency and safety as part of the BorealisWind Ice Protection System. The system senses icing events before they begin, and specially designed fabric ducts heat the blade to reduce downtime and ensure safety from thrown ice for surrounding people and property. The lightweight, flexible fabric has no impact on the turbine blade and allows heated air to be evenly distributed through the entire length of the blade. This unique use of fabric duct results in improved profit margins for wind farms as a result of heightened productivity in wind turbine structures.

Stylish and Functional: Nautical Elegance with Fabric Ducts on Boats

Fabric ducts installed on a cruise boat

Taking a leap from land to sea, fabric ducts are making waves in marine environments. From luxurious yachts to bustling cruise ships, fabric ducting seamlessly integrates with the unique challenges of water vessels. The corrosion resistance, lightweight design, and aesthetic appeal of fabric ducts have elevated them to a trusted choice for maritime enthusiasts. Fabric ducts transform marine spaces by overcoming the constraints faced by traditional metal ducts and enhancing comfort aboard the open waters.

Air on the Move: Enhancing Transportation with Fabric Ducts

Fabric ducts are not confined to stationary spaces – their lightweight, antimicrobial properties also adapt well to transportation applications. Fabric ducts are custom engineered and designed electric buses and trains to increase passenger comfort. The duct fits easily in the limited space of the bus or train and provides maximum durability and precise air delivery. FabricAir has also developed special solutions for installations on passenger trains that have higher standard requirements regarding fire safety (e.g. EN45545). With improved air distribution, reduced noise, and enhanced passenger comfort, fabric ducts have redefined the travel experience on many buses and trains.

Temporary but Tough: Fabric Ducts in Temporary Spaces

White Fabric ducts in a round configuration installed in a temporary dining room tent

When it comes to temporary structures, fabric ducting’s adaptability truly shines. From movie sets to outdoor restaurants, temporary event venues to tents and humanitarian applications, fabric ducts offer many advantages. Their inherent light weight construction makes them easy to install, flexible in tight spaces, and adaptable to changing needs. Fabric duct also maintains airflow with fewer pressure drops no matter how many bends and elbows are required to fit the space.

Elevating Possibilities with Fabric Ducts

Fabric ducting offers endless versatility and potential for many applications. As architects and engineers seek innovative solutions, fabric ducts provide a creative and flexible alternative to traditional spiral metal ductwork. Beyond their most common applications, fabric ducts enhance wind turbines, sail smoothly across maritime realms, redefine transportation comfort, and effortlessly adapt to temporary needs. These unconventional air dispersion solutions have transcended traditional boundaries, offering benefits beyond imagination.

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