Wallbox Warehouse, Spain


The Spanish company Wallbox, specialized in the manufacturing of advanced energy management and charging systems for electric vehicles, continues to grow every day and has an increasing global presence. This growth has led them to renovate their industrial facilities where they operate the assembly lines for their products. FabricAir engineers designed a new fabric-based air dispersion system for their assembly hall in the Zona Franca industrial estate in Barcelona.


Combi 70

Total airflow

140,000 m3/h

Flow models

FabFlow and SonicFlow


Spanish labor regulations are becoming increasingly demanding regarding temperatures, gradients and drafts. The engineers at FabricAir designed a custom solution with SonicFlow and FabFlow diffusion patterns to ensure uniform air diffusion from the 5m ceiling height. The system provides a comfortable working space with optimal indoor air quality and occupied zone velocities of around 0.25m/s.

For this industrial space, the client selected Combi 70 textile material, certified for cleanrooms and controlled environments associated with ISO class 3 cleanliness standards. The fabric-based air distribution solution also offers unique sound-absorbing properties that virtually eliminate noise, adding to the pleasant atmosphere. In addition, the total airflow delivered by the FabricAir system is 140,000 m3/h with only 100 Pa of useful pressure available, which results in significant energy savings.


A total of 300 m of green textile ducting was installed in the warehouse, aligned with its philosophy of environmental responsibility. The solution is suspended by anodized aluminum rails that comply with REACH and RHOSS recycling regulations. In addition, this system simplifies assembly and disassembly of the textile ducts with large diameters.

The large diameter ducts, designed to weigh very little, expedited the transportation and installation process. From the time the order was confirmed, and the documentation checked for accuracy, the system was delivered in less than two weeks. Installation took just 5 days for the maintenance company CBRE, with the assistance of FabricAir’s site engineers.

In less than a year, a simple modification has made it possible to easily air condition two adjoining warehouses, from the initial installation, using accessory ducting designed for reaches of up to 20m and higher velocities (0.5m/s). Fabric-based air distribution systems help provide comfortable working conditions in some of the toughest environments. FabricAir can help you maintain high air quality and employee comfort.


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