Fanair Warehouse, Fuenlabrada, Spain


Fanair, a company specializing in the distribution of material for air conditioning, ventilation, and extraction projects, will soon open a new shop next to its headquarters in Fuenlabrada, Spain. For the air conditioning, Fanair chose the solution that has already been used in many other projects: fabric ducts. Once up and running, this installation will serve as a showroom for Fanair’s clients.


Combi 90

Suspension type

Type 11

Flow models



Together with Fanair, the experts at FabricAir designed an air diffusion system using semi-circular, D-shaped textile ducts to ensure a pleasant atmosphere throughout the room, while also avoiding drafts and the risk of condensation. The air ducts were manufactured using FabricAir’s Combi 90 fabric in blue. The duct utilizes FabricAir’s OriFlow flow model, which features rows of laser-cut orifices that is ideal for medium to high velocity directional airflow.

For a personalized touch, the logos of both companies were heat transferred on each of the three textile ducts. In addition to providing comfortable, attractive airflow solutions, utilizing fabric ducts practically eliminates noise, providing a healthy environment for employees and guests.


A total of 100 meters of textile ducts have been installed which, after commissioning, have resulted in a solution that provides optimum comfort and hygiene. In addition, they provide added aesthetic value with the bright blue color and personalization.

The lightweight system made the transport and installation process fast and efficient. The carbon footprint is also reduced compared to conventional metal air diffusion systems thanks to the lightweight materials, which generate less CO2 during production and during transport.

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