OG Biomed Greenhouse, Puerto Rico


Cannabis has been widely recognized as a natural medical treatment for various diseases and conditions. In Puerto Rico, particularly in Vega Alta, the challenge was not only to grow this plant, but to do it in a way that would guarantee the purity and authenticity of the final product. For this, Og Biomed developed a hybrid “Glass House”, which uses both sunlight and electric light to mimic the natural growing environment for cannabis.


Combi 80

Suspension type

Type 1, All-In-One

Flow models

SonicFlow and OriFlow

Unfortunately, Puerto Rico can be a challenging environment for cultivation due to pests and high humidity levels in the country. To create the ideal growing conditions, it is of utmost importance to control humidity and temperature.

Traditional airflow solutions bring the risk of condensation and consequently the proliferation of microorganisms harmful to plants. The growth of fungi during the flowering process can result in a poor harvest or a complete loss.

The facility needed to establish a method to control the humidity and temperature, as well as the correct climate control and ventilation necessary for each stage of the indoor cultivation process.


FabricAir’s engineering team worked with the Technical Industrial Sales team to propose an ideal textile duct system. The textile duct system, unlike metal duct, eliminates the risk of condensation through permeable fabrics and an antimicrobial treatment which eliminates any microorganism that comes in contact with the fabric. The system ensures homogeneous air distribution throughout the flowering zone, providing the necessary residual velocity in the canopy of the plants.  In the flowering stage we used 300 linear ft with a diameter of 20 – 24 inches for a total volume of 18,000 CFM.


The implementation of FabricAir’s textile duct system in collaboration with Technical Industrial Sales yielded impressive results for OG Biomed’s cannabis cultivation facility in Puerto Rico. Overcoming challenges posed by pests and humidity, the custom engineered airflow eliminated condensation and harmful microorganisms. With 300 linear feet of ducts ensuring consistent air distribution, the project is an innovative solution for airflow in cannabis cultivation applications.

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