Checkpoint Offices, Spain

Checkpoint, a global company in business for over 50 years, has chosen the most efficient air diffusion solution with textile air-conditioning systems for its new headquarters.


Checkpoint is a global leader in anti-theft and RFID technology solutions and the only vertically integrated provider of software, hardware, tags and cloud solutions for retail.


Combi 80

Suspension type

Type 12

Flow models


At the end of last year, Checkpoint opened its new offices in Terrassa in Barcelona, Spain and its new facilities were designed to provide a highly comfortable, hygienic and energy-efficient environment for its employees.


Together with the installation company Daunis, the FabricAir team designed a diffusion system using semi-circular or D-shaped, white textile ducts to ensure a draft-free environment, with a very low noise level so employees can maintain concentration at work.

Fabric ducting systems lead to reduced installation and maintenance costs, with high energy efficiency. The ducts were manufactured in antimicrobial Combi 80 fabric which eliminates bacterial growth with the FabFlow surface flow model. This custom engineered combination ensures that indoor air quality is comfortable regardless of the temperature outside.

The semi-circular shape selected for the ducts allows them to integrate seamlessly with the modular ceiling of the space. The duct also retains its shape whether in operation or at standstill, using the type 12 suspension system made of anodised aluminium. 


After installing the air-conditioning system, the result is a solution that provides optimum comfort and hygiene and is surprisingly easy to install. In addition, the duct adds aesthetic value to the design of the office thanks to how well it blends in with the space.

These ventilation systems also allow for thorough periodic cleaning, which complies with the standards set in the Regulation of Thermal Installations in Buildings (RITE). The ducts are easy to dismantle and inspect, which facilitates cleaning as often as required by the maintenance managers. The systems can be sanitised on an annual or bi-annual basis, ensuring the absence of the “Sick Building Syndrome” that is so common in many other office installations.

Fabric ducting is well-suited for a variety of applications, particularly office spaces where employee comfort and superior indoor air quality are essential. The seamless shape blends well with the existing environment and is easy for building staff to clean and maintain.

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