Sunds Textiles, Mexico


Sunds Textiles, a Danish company specializing in mattress cover production with a factory in Mexico was faced with the challenge of efficiently cooling their factory space, particularly for their critical knitting machinery. The company sought an energy efficient solution that would also maintain a comfortable working environment for employees. Their search for a suitable solution led them to FabricAir, a company experienced in providing innovative fabric-based HVAC solutions for a wide variety of applications.


Combi 70


Type 08 with All-in-One (AiO)

Total airflow

85,604 CFM

Flow models

MicroFlow™ and SonicFlow™


In the area of the facility where people are working, ducts are hung horizontally from the high ceilings to direct airflow to the occupied space, improving employee comfort. To cool the areas around the knitting machinery, FabricAir incorporated vertical fabric ducts to displace hot air upwards, keeping the cooler air closer to the working areas. This innovative approach helps Sunds save energy by directing cool air precisely where it is needed, a common challenge for facilities with high ceilings.

Additionally, Sunds Textiles had prior experience with fabric duct solutions in their sister company’s factory in Ukraine. This successful implementation of a fabric-based solution solidified their decision to choose fabric ducts for the factory in Mexico, as they had witnessed firsthand the energy-saving advantages and adaptability of fabric air dispersion technology in action. The system was custom engineered to meet their specific requirements, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.


After two years of using FabricAir ducts, the Sunds Textiles factory in Mexico has experienced a host of significant benefits:

Energy Savings: The most significant advantage has been energy savings. By employing FabricAir’s fabric ducts, Sunds Textiles has efficiently cooled their machinery and working areas while reducing the overall energy consumption associated with cooling the entire factory space.

Improved Working Conditions: The custom fabric duct system has created a more comfortable working environment for employees. Precise control of airflow distribution ensures that all areas are adequately cooled, even in spaces with high ceilings.

Enhanced Productivity: With the consistent temperature and airflow provided by the fabric ducts, the facility is now a comfortable, temperature-controlled working environment.

Proven Reliability: Sunds Textiles’ choice of FabricAir’s solution, based on their positive experience with other fabric duct systems, underscores the reliability and effectiveness of the fabric-based HVAC solutions. The ducts have performed consistently over the two-year period, meeting the company’s cooling needs with excellence.

“We needed to cool down our machinery efficiently, especially the key knitting process area. After two years of using FabricAir’s solution, we can confidently say that the most significant benefit has been the substantial energy savings, making it an excellent choice for our facility,” remarked Edgar Caesar Rodriguez, the Director of Administration for Sunds Textiles in Mexico.

Sunds Textiles’ partnership with FabricAir has resulted in an innovative and energy-efficient cooling solution that aligns perfectly with their requirements. By focusing on cooling only the necessary areas, they have not only saved energy but also created a more comfortable and productive working environment. Sunds Textiles’ experience demonstrates that well-engineered fabric duct solutions can significantly improve both comfort and energy efficiency in manufacturing facilities.

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