Since 1973


Since 1973 - our history

IPS Ventilation (part of Electrolux) launches the world’s first Fabric Air Dispersion System

FabFlow™ Introduced

NozzFlow™ Introduced

FabricAir® Trevira Introduced

PerfoFlow™ Introduced

Certified FabricAir® is ISO 9001 certified

OriFlow™ & SonicFlow™ Introduced

Established FabricAir, Inc., USA

IPS Ventilation A/S becomes an independent company

Established FabricAir Ltd., UK

Established UAB FabricAir, Lithuania. Production moved to Alytus

Brian Refsgaard acquires IPS Ventilation A/S and changes the name to FabricAir A/S. Moved to Herfølge

FabricAir® Combi & Glass220 Introduced

Established FabricAir GmBH, Germany

Established FabricAir Türkiye A.Ş., Turkey

Zip-a-Duct™ Introduced

All-In-One (AIO) Introduced

MicroFlow™ Introduced

JetFlow™ Introduced

Established FabricAir AS, Norway

FabricAir® Lite Introduced

Established FabricAir (Qingdao) Co. Ltd., China

Established FabricAir España S.L., Spain

Established FabricAir BV, Sweden

Established FabricAir BV, Netherlands

DefrostDuct™, VarioDuct™, Shape Retention Accessories, Custom colors & Seamless patterns Introduced