Traditional HVAC designs require knowing the dew point of the space being conditioned to avoid condensation on the surfaces of the metal ducts and grills.

This phenomenon is referred to as "sweating" in the industry.

The traditional fix for sweating ducts is to insulate the entire duct or to use double wall ducting; both of which add significantly to the projectcost.

With FabricAir ducts the fix is simple: using permeable fabric. Permeable fabric allows the duct to "breathe", which creates an air blanket around the duct and keeps the duct dry, without trippling the cost!

FabricAir ducts are ideal for corrosive environments, such as pools, salt rooms and workshops.

FabricAir ducts are 100% polyester, making them a hygienic choice for your air distribution. 

Permeable FabricAir ducts are ideal for providing draft-free cold air supply while simultaneously preventing the formation of condensation on the duct surface.