Cost savings from installation

Installing FabricAir dispersion systems is fast and easy, and will reduce costs for the entire project due to the lower number of man hours. FabricAir systems are so easy to install that skilled labor is not required; depending on the size of the job it can be done with just a few people. All duct sections are connected to each other with zippers, and there are no "tools of the trade" to speak of. Painting is not required because the ducts arrive on site in the preselected color. The available suspension systems are variations of a cable or a track suspension, and some contractors have compared installing ducts on a track system to sliding a shower curtain. It really is that simple.
Due to the lightweight nature of FabricAir dispersion systems, the duct can be lifted easily and quickly to the desired mounting height, reducing the number of workers and man hours and eliminating the need for specialized equipment like duct-jacks. The duct is attached to the air handler using a durable ratcheting strapwhich is always included, further reducing the cost of installation.

The installation of FabricAir ducts does not require a special set of tools and can usually be accomplished with the tools that most people have at home.

All duct systems require a connection to an air handler (AHU). Metal systems require specialized tools and ancillary products, which have to be procured separately, to connect to an AHU.

FabricAir duct sections are connected with covered zippers, making assembly of the finished duct fast and simple. 

Fabric ductwork offer multiple opportunities to save money without sacrificing quality or flexibility in design.