Truck loads saved

Truck loads saved

FabricAir ducts are made out of a variety of textiles. These ducts can be neatly folded, packaged in a box, and loaded onto a truck and/or plane without wasting any space. This allows for any size duct to be manufactured and delivered to your job site. Metal ducts cannot be collapsed into a more manageable size, which imposes many limitations on how they must be produced. The maximum length and diameter of a metal duct is limited to what can fit on a truck. These ducts then have to be loaded one inside the other, known as nesting, to attempt to optimize space, but there is only so much optimization that can be done. Furthermore, with a continuing focus on clean air standards many owners now require the duct ends to be sealed to prevent the accumulation of dirt inside the duct during transport. This makes duct nesting impossible, thus making it incredibly expensive and inefficient to ship. Sometimes the ducts are so large and numerous that the duct manufacturing has to be done on-site, which requires setting up an entire sheet metal shop at your job site.

Save on weight, save on volume, save on costs, save the headaches and use FabricAir dispersion.

FabricAir ducts are lightweight and reduce the structural requirements of new and existing buildings. 

FabricAir ducts and air dispersion systems are truly a value proposition.

FabricAir dispersion systems are packaged in a variety of manageable box sizes, all of which are then shipped via air freight to their final destination.