FabricAir MicroFlow™

With MicroFlowTM the air exits the duct via laser cut micro-perforations along the circumference of the duct. The micro-perforations can cover between 90° and 360° of the duct’s circumference. MicroFlowTM has the smallest near-zone of all of the perforated fabrics available. In most cases the near-zone will not extend beyond 300 mm [11.81”].

Available on Fabrics

Near zone

Maximum 300 mm [11.81"]

Data sheet

Near zoneMaximum 300 mm [11.81"]"]
SurfaceMicro-perforations 0,2-0,6 mm [0.008-0.024"] diameter


FabricAir has many different flow models that can be divided into two main categories: linear and surface flow models. Linear flow models will have a row(s) of air distribution, whereas surface flow models will utilize much more of the surface area of the duct to release the air into the space... Read more

FabricAir offers a wide variety of flow models that can be combined to create the ideal air distribution in any given project to addressing your specific challenges. 

The ideal flow model often consists of primary and secondary air flows in a combination depending on throw... Read more

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