Why is air circulation important?

Why is air circulation important?

Air circulation is the last piece of the puzzle.

Air circulation is crucial to creating the right environment in your growth facility. Controlling vital metrics like drafts, temperature, and humidity will help your crop grow faster and yield more crop.

One of the advantages of grow houses is that you can create better-than-nature conditions to increase the yield – and air circulation plays a vital role in creating the perfect indoor environment for your garden, mimicking the best parts of nature.

Stagnant air and high humidity are the main accelerants for molds and pests in your plants. Good fresh air circulation prevents this and in addition produces stronger stems to ensure a larger harvest.

Creating the right conditions in your grow room is another vital aspect that our air dispersion solutions can help you with. Growing plants need a constant supply of fresh air and CO2 to maintain growth. CO2 is present in normal fresh air at the rate of around 330 parts per million (ppm).

Especially in organic farms it is vital to control the air flow to minimize common issues that affect the harvest. FabricAir ducting prevents condensation and mold growth, which helps create a healthier environment in the grow house and our dispersion solutions efficiently address the negative consequences of heat sources, such as lights, without creating uncontrolled drafts.