The Price of a Fabric Air Duct

The price difference between conventional ventilation ductwork and FabricAir dispersion solutions is significant. Socks are a cost-efficient solution due to the nature of the textile-based dispersion technology.

We are often asked “what is the price of a fabric air duct?”. As with all ventilation systems the answer depends on the size of the project. Regardless, the savings potential is significant when compared to conventional HVAC ductwork solutions.

The savings potential varies from 30% up to 70% when replacing metal ducts with air socks. This makes fabric-based HVAC solutions an unrivalled source of value engineering without compromising the indoor air quality.

The technological advantages of fabric ductwork are many, the most prominent of which is the even and draft-free air distribution. The high levels of comfort and hygiene sets air socks apart from traditional HVAC solutions, as does the price of the ductwork and its installation simplicity.