Fitness & Dance Studios

Fitness & Dance Studios
  • Counter odors and sweat from athletes
  • No drafts and a high air change create excellent IAQ
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Adaptable duct profiles for low ceilings
  • No condensation on the duct surface
  • Sweeping (fixtures and structural elements) from condensation 
  • Not damaged by e.g. rouge balls
Due to the athletes’ metabolic heat gains, efficient ventilation is crucial to counter odors and humidity in fitness studios, weight training facilities, spinning rooms, dance studios, etc. 
The even and draft-free air dispersion solutions from FabricAir are ideal, even in facilities with restricted ceiling heights. A high air change at low velocity ensures user comfort and a healthy indoor air quality. 
The airflow can be designed to also sweep surfaces from condensation to prevent mold and bacteria growth caused by a humid environment. The ductwork is easy to clean and maintain, and it is not damaged if struck by people or equipment.
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  • Fitness & Dance Studios
    Fitness & Dance Studios
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