Sports Centers & Multi Arenas

Sports Centers & Multi Arenas
  • Comfort without drafts
  • Air curtains to separate zones
  • Minimize odors and humidity
  • Fabric ducts are not damaged by e.g. rouge balls
  • Low maintenance
  • LowNoise™ for virtually silent solutions
In sports centers and multi-purpose arenas there are huge differences between daily practice and spectator events. Typically, multi-purpose venues have longer operating hours and host a larger array of events. This demands more flexibility from the HVAC solution, as it must perform optimally regardless of the number of users on any given day.
A FabricAir dispersion system is customized to the given space and its sub-sections. Draft-free, virtually silent comfort in the spectator zone and feathering down odors and humidity from athletes in the players zone ensure ideal conditions for all users.
These facilities often have high ceilings. The precision throws from our directional flow models ensures that the air is delivered as needed in each zone, without drafts, and with an even dispersion to create a uniform environment.
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    Air Dispersion in Sports Facilities
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  • Sports Centers & Multi Arenas
    Sports Centers & Multi Arenas
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