Combining fabric ducts with evaporative cooling to lower energy consumption by 90%

Cooling large industrial buildings during the hot summer months can become a real challenge. Especially, if such buildings happen to be industrial laundries, where temperatures might rise to 30°C or more. These conditions can not only cause health problems for employees but also significantly increase energy costs due to cooling and ventilation. One of the biggest Polish industrial laundries decided to find a solution that would elevate the working conditions of its employees, bring comfort and lower the temperatures in the most energy-efficient way, so they contacted FabricAir.

In order to improve the conditions of people working inside the laundry, FabricAir cooperated with Colt International Spółka (Poland) to develop a solution that not only cools the room but also consumes up to 90% less energy compared to standard air conditioning solutions. These units deliver 100% fresh air to the rooms, require little to no maintenance, and use only water and small amounts of electricity for cooling.

“Fabric ducts work very well with adiabatic coolers because fabric-based air distribution systems do not collect condensation, do not need to be insulated, and distribute the coolness evenly. Fabric ducts do not require constant maintenance and installation is on-site extremely quick and easy”, says Paulius Šarapnickis, Sales Engineer at FabricAir Baltics.

To create this brand-new system, dark grey Combi 20 fabric was chosen with a combination of MicroFlow and JetFlow flow models. Due to the low ceiling inside the industrial laundry, the rectangle duct profile was chosen to be installed. The fabric-based air distribution system was integrated with Colt’s evaporative cooling and ventilation units that use the cooling power of water to reduce the temperature.

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