Air distribution for the global leader of marine, industrial and energy technologies

An international company in the field of marine, industrial and energy technology now also relies on FabricAir’s textile ducts for high indoor air quality. Founded in 1889, the family-owned company employs around 1,400 people. The product portfolio includes systems for maritime and industrial applications as well as solderless pipe connections for refrigeration and air conditioning. With 18 locations and five production sites in Germany, Brazil, China, India and the US as well as 50 subsidiaries, the group of companies supplies customers all over the world.

In industrial manufacturing, a reliable air supply is crucial, which is why FabricAir was chosen. The team led by FabricAir sales engineer, Heike Kues, is proud of the project – a clear recognition of the quality, efficiency and reliability of the textile air distribution systems.

Blue air ducts to match the brand

Blue fabric ducts featuring the 360 hoops shape retention system utilizing a Type 08 suspension are installed in a industrial manufacturing facility.

The new air distribution system was precisely adapted in length and shape to the conditions on site to ensure seamless integration. For efficient and draft-free air distribution, the FabricAir team used a total of five air ducts in varying lengths and diameters. The fabric ducts include FabricAir’s 360° hoops which have sewn-in 360° molded rings that can be easily removed for maintenance as needed. Each air outlet distributes 14,000 m³/h evenly throughout the space. In addition, the blue fabric emphasizes the corporate identity of the company.

The Type 8 suspension provides a simple, seamless method of installing the air distribution system. An aluminum H-rail allows for quick installation, while the tool-free adjustable cable hangers allow for flexible adaptation to on-site conditions. Thanks to this versatile suspension, the textile ducts can be easily moved into position.

Tailor-made system with low energy consumption

By combining secondary and primary airflow models, the FabricAir team was able to optimize energy consumption while ensuring a comfortable indoor environment with fresh supply air. Another unique feature of this project is the use of FabricAir’s taut endcap. The taut endcap helps to maintain the shape of the air ducts even when shut down. The use of the stable end cap also ensures that the air distribution system continues to perform optimally even after extended periods of operation.

If you are looking for a textile air distribution system for your company, contact us and let our experts advise you. FabricAir has a broad portfolio of textile air distribution solutions and is well equipped to meet the requirements of world market leaders.

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