Climate control: Fabric-based HVAC for indoor pools

A well-regulated indoor pool environment is vital for ensuring optimal comfort and performance of swimmers, as well as the overall satisfaction of visitors. In Plungė, Lithuania, the Plungė Sports Arena achieved this goal with the installation of an efficient fabric-based HVAC system. This innovative system incorporates custom engineered air dispersion for the space resulting in a total airflow capacity of 25,010m³/h. The white Combi 20 and Combi 30 fabric duct not only offers durability and corrosion resistance but also contributes to the bright and inviting atmosphere.

Modern solutions for better air quality

Fabric-based HVAC ducting installed in an indoor pool area in Plungė, Lithuania. White fabric duct with nozzles and PerfoFlow to distribute air and prevent condensation that leads to corrosion.

A fabric-based HVAC system represents a modern approach to climate control that offers distinct advantages over traditional ductwork systems. Fabric ducts ensure even and efficient airflow throughout the indoor pool area, minimizing temperature variations and enhancing comfort. Additionally, the fabric used in these systems offers a corrosion-resistant solution that is well-suited for constant exposure to moisture and chemicals.

Custom engineered airflow with aesthetic appeal

The custom designed fabric duct system incorporates two FabricAir flow models, NozzFlow and PerfoFlow, to achieve an optimal indoor pool climate. NozzFlow utilizes strategically placed nozzles to direct airflow where it is needed most. PerfoFlow enables the distribution of a large volume of air through strategically placed laser cut perforations along the circumference of the duct. These flow models work together to maintain a consistent and comfortable environment throughout the indoor pool area. Additionally, the system incorporates FabricAir’s All-in-One suspension which is not only easy to install, but provides a consistent look whether the system is on or off.

Capacity for comfort

The fabric-based HVAC system achieves an impressive total airflow capacity of 25,010m³/h, underscoring its ability to create and maintain a comfortable environment in the expansive indoor pool area. This high airflow capacity is crucial for effectively regulating temperature, humidity, and air quality, ensuring the comfort of all occupants. The system’s 1120 mm diameter plays a pivotal role in accommodating this substantial airflow capacity, as it allows for efficient and unrestricted air movement throughout the space.

The indoor swimming pool at the Plungė Sports Arena showcases the benefits of fabric-based HVAC systems. The FabricAir system creates a comfortable and controlled indoor pool environment that benefits all occupants. With custom engineered airflow for the space and corrosion resistant fabric, the system is an exemplary model for climate control in indoor sports facilities, particularly swimming pools.

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