Fabric HVAC: An innovative solution for a swimming pool in Germany

FabricAir is proud to develop new solutions for customers in all industries. Recently, a project was successfully completed at a swimming pool in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, which presented several challenges. In addition to the poor air quality in the pool area, there was visible corrosion on the existing sheet metal ductwork. In addition, the high humidity caused condensation resulting in water droplets falling from the ductwork, which was uncomfortable for the swimmers. The plant engineer was familiar with the situation due to their experience with other indoor pools and advised the operator to use FabricAir’s textile air distribution system.

Custom solutions designed by HVAC experts


FabricAir’s innovative fabric HVAC solution installed in indoor swimming facility, blue fabric duct suspended over swimming pools

With decades of experience in designing air distribution systems for swimming pools, FabricAir was able to meet the special requirements. The textile air distribution system was connected to a central air handling unit and now supplies fresh indoor air throughout the facility. Thanks to the custom-designed bends, offsets and lateral nozzles made of textile, there is uniform air distribution throughout the entire swimming area.

Shapely design for any application

FabricAir’s AIO (“all-in-one”) system ensures that the fabric ducts retain their round shape even when the system is not in operation. A total of 25 m of distribution duct with a diameter of 1250 mm was installed in the float area, with special attention paid to the slope of the roof pitch. In addition, there are three lateral outlets (each 16 m long) with a diameter of 560 mm. Outside the swimming pool area, a 16 m long distribution duct with a diameter of 800 mm and four lateral outlets (each 11 m long with a diameter of 315 mm) were installed. The total air volume of the system is 25,000 m³/h.

Fabric ducts improve indoor air quality

Since the new system was installed, the air conditions have improved significantly. The pool attendants describe the indoor climate to FabricAir sales engineer, Heike Kues, as “very pleasant and draft-free”. Corrosion is no longer an issue and condensation has not formed on the ceiling since the installation of the fabric HVAC system. Additionally, the textile ducts can be washed quickly and easily to ensure clean and hygienic conditions. The system is mounted on high-quality aluminum suspensions which allows for quick removal even when the pool is full.

The successful indoor swimming pool renovation in North Rhine-Westphalia is another example of how FabricAir textile air distribution contributes to a perfect indoor climate and a pleasant experience for swimmers and guests alike. The customizable solutions offer an efficient and easy-to-maintain alternative to conventional metal ducts.

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