FabricAir Ducts Bring Fresh Air to Kindergarten Classroom

A kindergarten in Kulautuva, Lithuania needed comfortable, draft-free airflow in its classrooms. Recognizing the importance of creating a conducive learning environment, the school sought to improve indoor air quality for its young students and teaching staff.

Quality air and ventilation play a pivotal role in the overall well-being and academic performance of students. Studies consistently highlight the impact of indoor air quality on concentration, cognitive function, and overall health. In classrooms, where young minds are nurtured, optimal air circulation is crucial to foster an environment conducive to learning.

FabricAir ducts with a D-shaped profile and a whimsical woodland animal print are installed in a kindergarten classroom in Kulautuva, Lithuania.

The school turned to an innovative HVAC solution, opting for custom engineered, D-shaped FabricAir ducts to meet their ventilation needs. The D-shape provides a low-profile solution and uses FabricAir’s Type 11A suspension for a seamless look.

Air is distributed to the room through a surface flow model called MicroFlow. With laser-cut micro-perforations covering a significant portion of the duct’s surface, MicroFlow ensures noiseless, condensation-free, and low-velocity airflow. The whimsical custom print on the fabric adds an element of playfulness to the learning environment, making it visually appealing for both teachers and students.

The kindergarten provided all occupants high indoor air quality through the installation of FabricAir ducts. The solution provides draft-free airflow to the occupied space using custom-engineered fabric with strategically designed perforations for air flow through the length of the duct. The low profile shape makes it a perfect fit for the ceiling height and the custom print adds to the interior aesthetics.


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