FabricAir experts present fabric HVAC solutions at C & R Expo in Madrid

FabricAir is gearing up for an exciting event at the C&R Expo in Madrid, taking place from November 14 to 17 in Hall 7, booth F04. The C&R Expo is the most important commercial event in the air conditioning, heating, ventilation, and industrial refrigeration industries.

This is an essential event for anyone in these sectors, showcasing the latest technological advancements and a strong commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency. It provides a platform for industry leaders like FabricAir to highlight their innovative fabric duct systems and engage with visitors to share their expertise.

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Visitors to the FabricAir booth can expect an interactive and informative experience. They will have the opportunity to see and touch FabricAir’s cutting-edge fabric duct solutions up and engage with a team of seasoned engineers who boast years of experience in the realm of fabric-based HVAC solutions.

Our expert engineers are more than just knowledgeable – they are passionate about promoting fabric as the superior option for a multitude of applications. Whether you are seeking innovative solutions for heating, ventilation, or air conditioning, FabricAir’s team is available to provide valuable guidance about incorporating fabric air dispersion systems into your projects.

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