FabricAir helps to solve draft issues in electric vehicle manufacturing plant

Recently, Great Wall Motor and BMW Group set up a joint venture in China called “Beam Automotive”, which plans to set up an annual production capacity of 160,000 vehicles. The company is building a “one base for three centers”, which will include a manufacturing plant, global research and development, and engine, gearbox and other key parts production centers for electric vehicles under one roof. Such a major building complex needed a very specific and flexible air distribution solution that could adapt to variable conditions and constructions, so the company chose FabricAir to design a tailored solution.

Areas, that had to fit a new air distribution system were very complex as they had suspended ceilings with anti-fire and smoke exhaust ducts already installed, and the building structure had many crossover points, making it extremely difficult to install conventional ducting. However, FabricAir air distribution solutions were so flexible, that they could be installed around all the obstacles without damaging the quality of air distribution.

“Our fabric ducts worked perfectly for this client. Not only it was possible to create a perfect indoor air quality in a challenging interior structure, but it also solved other issues of the manufacturing facility, for example – reducing the weight on the ceiling structure. Our highly skilled engineering professionals designed an exemplary tailored solution for Beam Automotive”, says Song He, Sales Director at FabricAir China.

After the quote was made, the order came to the construction site in less than two weeks, and even with very uneven installation conditions, it took just a few days to install. The client was extremely pleased with the overall design solution not just because of the uniform air distribution created, but also because of the way it integrated into the whole interior design of the facility.

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