FabricAir provides innovative solution for temporary cold hall

GARANT, a leader in the production of high-quality doors and frames, planned the construction of a temporary cold hall for the storage of finished products in 2021. It was important to ensure a constant temperature and humidity while taking into account the load caused by the lightweight foil roof. The structure could not handle the weight of heavy, traditional metal ductwork so GARANT’s technical manager Dirk Vaupel turned to the FabricAir team.

Long distances are no problem

FabricAir fabric ducts installed in the GARANT temporary cold hall for supply and exhaust airflow

Under the direction of Katharina Rohkämper, Sales Engineer, for FabricAir, a customized solution was developed to meet the GARANT’s specific requirements. The result is an innovative system that ensures optimal air distribution throughout the cold hall. The challenge was to implement both supply and exhaust air in the large hall (length: 140 m).

In the warmest area, a spiral stiffened exhaust air duct was used. The stitched spiral wire with a thickness of 4 mm and a rib spacing of 220 mm prevents the exhaust air duct from contracting. The two supply air ducts on the outside of the hall have a cross-section of 650 mm and taper over a total length of 130 m to a cross-section of 315 mm. The supply air volume is an impressive 6,500 m3/h per line. In order to maintain a slight overpressure in the hall, the exhaust air was designed for 10,000 m3/h.

The supply and exhaust air ducts were fixed with the Type 8 suspension system, a single H-rail, which is ideal for demanding solutions. The light gray air ducts are made of the impermeable, flame-retardant material Combi 30. The SonicFlow flow model was chosen for the supply air, and the OriFlow perforation with an opening of 25 mm was chosen for the exhaust air.

More fabric duct projects planned

“I was very satisfied with FabricAir’s technical advice and would like to thank them for the good cooperation,” says Dirk Vaupel, technical manager at GARANT Türen und Zargen GmbH. “Initially, I had concerns about whether the air could be guided over such long distances with a textile system. But after the first experiences in the cool spring, I can say it works perfectly. The air distribution with FabricAir meets our requirements perfectly. I am very satisfied with the result, and further cooperation on future projects is definitely in the cards,” says Vaupel. The installation of the ventilation system was carried out by the company N.H. Industrietechnik, the ventilation system comes from nordluft, a specialist for hall heating.


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