Innovative air distribution system provides precise temperature control in pharmaceutical warehouse

Fiege, a leading logistics company, recently built a new warehouse in Barleben, Germany for its Healthcare business unit. As the facility would be used to store pharmaceutical products, it was crucial that the air distribution system be able to maintain a precise and consistent environment. These products are highly sensitive to changes in indoor conditions and require a temperature-controlled environment to ensure their safety and effectiveness.

To meet these requirements, Fiege turned to FabricAir to design a fabric-based air distribution system for the new warehouse.

This innovative system consists of around 2300 meters of fabric ducts and utilizes Combi 20 fabric, SonicFlow and MicroFlow flow models, and a Type 8 suspension. The system has been praised for its precise air distribution capabilities and flexible adaptability to the warehouse’s equipment. In fact, the general contractor, Bremerbau, stated that such precise air distribution is not possible with any other product.

“We are thrilled to have been chosen by Fiege to design and install the air distribution system for their new warehouse. The storage of pharmaceutical products has extremely high requirements and regulations, and our fabric-based air distribution system is specifically designed to meet these needs. We are proud to have received such positive feedback and look forward to continuing to provide top-quality air distribution solutions to our clients,” says Katharina Rohkämper, Sales Manager at FabricAir Germany.

The new warehouse spans a total of 90,000 square meters and features 42,000 square meters of logistics space, divided into four hall bays, two cold storage areas, and two attached office ensembles. Overall, the new warehouse in Barleben is a state-of-the-art facility that meets the highest standards for the storage of pharmaceutical products.

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