Mexican manufacturing facility improves IAQ and energy savings with fabric ducts

Sunds Textiles, a Danish company specializing in mattress cover production with a facility in Mexico, has successfully addressed the challenge of cooling their factory space efficiently, specifically to improve air quality and protect the knitting machinery. To achieve a comfortable working environment while maintaining energy efficiency, they turned to FabricAir, another Danish company known for innovative fabric solutions.

The decision to install a fabric air dispersion system was driven by their desire for energy-efficient cooling. Sunds recognized the benefits of using vertical fabric ducts to move hot air upward, ensuring that cooler air remained closer to the working areas.

Bright blue FabricAir ducts are installed in the Sunds Textiles manufacturing facility in Mexico to cool the occupied space. The result is an energy efficient, comfortable working environment that also keeps important machinery cool.

In the machinery room, vertical ducts move hot air upward, ensuring cooler air remains close to the working areas. In a large room where employees are working, horizontal fabric ducts installed at the ceiling provide draft-free air distribution to create a comfortable working environment. This approach results in substantial energy savings by targeting cooling efforts where they’re needed the most.

Having witnessed the energy-saving advantages and adaptability of fabric duct technology in action at their sister company’s factory in Ukraine, Sunds Textiles was confident in their choice of FabricAir’s solution. The meticulously tailored fabric ducts have consistently met their cooling needs and created a more comfortable and productive working environment.

Edgar Caesar Rodriguez, Director of Administration for Sunds Textiles in Mexico, stated, “The most significant benefit has been the substantial energy savings, making it an excellent choice for our facility. After two years of using FabricAir’s solution, we’ve efficiently cooled our machinery and working areas while reducing overall energy consumption.”

Sunds Textiles’ experience underscores the remarkable benefits of well-engineered fabric duct solutions, providing both comfort and energy efficiency in manufacturing facilities.


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