Optimal airflow: Industrial company relies on fabric ducts

In a renowned industrial company in Germany, high-quality turned parts have been manufactured since 1961. In the production of components and materials made of titanium, aluminum and plastic, the focus is on ensuring the highest quality. The materials are used in production processes where the lowest tolerances and precision are essential. High quality ambient air is crucial as impurities or particles in the air can impair production.

The company places particular emphasis on excellence, whether in the manufacture of its turned parts or in the selection of its partners. For the modernization of the air distribution system in the production hall, the company selected FabricAir. In addition to ensuring quality airflow for the production process, the retrofitted air conditioning system needed to cool the space during the hot summer months for the comfort and well-being of the employees. FabricAir sales engineer, Heike Kues, developed a customized solution.

Precisely directed air flow in the production hall

Dark gray fabric ducts are installed using the Type 08 suspension package in this industrial manufacturing facility to ensure temperature control in production areas and provide high quality airflow for employees.

From planning to implementation, the company’s requirements were carefully analyzed. FabricAir’s innovative laser cut perforation technology played a role. This technology allows the fabric ducts to be machined to meet specific requirements in individual areas without compromising uniform air distribution throughout the entire space.

For optimal air distribution, a fabric air duct with a length of 19,000 mm and a diameter of 630 mm was installed. The use of state-of-the-art materials and technologies ensures high efficiency and precise airflow while creating a pleasant indoor climate. In addition, the gray color of the fabric blends harmoniously with the existing duct network.

Flow models for every application

FabricAir offers a wide range of flow models that can be combined to provide the ideal air distribution in each area. In this case, a combination of primary and secondary airflow was used to provide a comfortable working environment for employees. The two flow models, MicroFlow and SonicFlow, provide uniform air distribution with a supply air volume of 7,000 m³/h.

An additional air duct with a diameter of 630 mm and a length of 9,000 mm was installed in the production hall. The duct was installed using the type 8 suspension (aluminum H-rail), which allows quick and easy disassembly. A special feature is the 360° internal hoops, which maintain the shape of the air diffusion system when it is turned off. This also ensures that the crane in the hall cannot get tangled with the textile ducts.

Another duct was installed in the master craftsman’s office to improve the air quality. A dark gray fabric duct with a diameter of 360 mm and a length of just under 9,000 mm ensures a controlled air supply of 2,500 m³/h. Here, too, the 360° hoops ensure that the duct retains its shape even when the system is turned off.

This successful project shows how customized solutions and innovative technologies can go hand in hand to create an optimal environment for production processes and employees. The collaboration illustrates once again how FabricAir’s many years of experience and expertise help to meet the requirements of customers from a wide range of industries.

FabricAir offers innovative and powerful airflow solutions that optimize comfort in any space while saving energy. Contact us today for a free consultation on your next project!


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