Over 4,5 kilometers of fabric ducts for the COP27 conference location

FabricAir, a leading global fabric-based air distribution solution manufacturer, is always happy to contribute to projects related to energy saving and sustainability. That’s why it was astounding to be approached by the organizer Global Conference Management of the United Nations Climate Change Conference, who wanted to install air dispersion solutions in a temporary event space. FabricAir delivered more than 4,5 kilometers of fabric ducts to the venue in Egypt in an extremely short time.

The COP27 conference is taking place in a specifically created event venue just for this extraordinary gathering of the world’s most powerful nations to discuss climate change issues. Egypt is hosting the COP27 in Sharm El-Sheikh and the event will be held for almost two weeks.

“We, together with our partner in Egypt, Pater Engineering, are honored to contribute to the organization of such an event by installing the highest quality air diffusion systems in a very short time frame. I am sure that FabricAir fabric ducts were not chosen at random. Thanks to the natural properties of fabric, the ducts are lightweight and take up little space, reducing CO2 consumption even during transportation. Also, precise air dispersion and lower pressure loss help to save energy by up to 40%. FabricAir develops solutions that contribute to environmental sustainability, and the organizers of COP27 are certainly aware of this”, says Fikret Sahin, Managing Director at FabricAir Turkey.

The whole air distribution system comes to a total length of 4,5 kilometers that is suspended to the temporary event venues’ ceiling. The fabric used for the white fabric ducts – Combi 30 with MicroFlow and SonicFlow flow models. Fabric ducts were designed and delivered to the event site in two parts and both orders were shipped out to the venue in less than three weeks after the approval.

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