Introducing the RapidSlider: A new and improved way to install fabric duct

FabricAir ducting is now even easier to install!

FabricAir, a pioneer in fabric air dispersion systems for over 50 years, has introduced a new feature that can save time and money during the installation of their fabric ducting systems. The RapidSlider is a keder, a feature that allows a fabric panel to connect to a frame by sliding it into a rail with plastic beads that resemble a zipper. The sliding functionality combined with FabricAir’s specially designed feeders allow for the fast and efficient installation of many types of fabric duct.

Fabric duct featuring the FabricAir RapidSlider and the specially designed feeder for H-rail suspension systems that makes it easier to install fabric duct. Also available for T-rail suspension systems.

Install fabric duct — fast!

The installation process for the RapidSlider keder is incredibly simple with the feeder allowing installers to slide the duct through T-rail or H-rail suspension systems. The special feeder allows the beaded keder to slide smoothly through the rail for fast installation. RapidSlider is compatible with Type 03, Type 06, Type 07, Type 08, Type 11A, and Type 13 suspension systems. In most cases, the keder’s lightweight and flexible construction allows it to hang unsupported from the suspension during installation further reducing the need for extra equipment or labor. For smaller diameter ducts, the RapidSlider even makes it possible for a single person to install fabric duct on their own, reducing the need for additional help and therefore reducing labor costs and increasing efficiency.

A seamless look

RapidSlider can also improve the aesthetics of the fabric duct once installed. The keder ensures that the duct stays close to the rail once it’s been fed through, providing a smooth and uninterrupted appearance. Additionally, the RapidSlider’s silver color matches the suspension rails for a clean and cohesive look. The weight of the fabric duct is also distributed evenly throughout the length of the duct with the RapidSlider, eliminating any unsightly wrinkles.

The RapidSlider is a simple innovation that can increase the aesthetic of fabric duct while saving time and money during installation. By reducing labor costs and increasing efficiency, the RapidSlider is an easy choice for T-rail or H-rail suspension systems. If you’re interested in using the RapidSlider for your next FabricAir duct installation, contact your local FabricAir office for more information.

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