Clean and Stylish: Health center selects textile air distribution

Physical therapy plays a crucial role in the prevention, treatment, and aftercare of diseases and ailments. To ensure an optimal treatment environment, a renowned health center in Braunschweig, Germany chose to install a FabricAir textile air distibution system. The health center offers various treatment methods such as physiotherapy, manual therapy, suspension table treatment, gait training, respiratory therapy, and much more. Reliable fresh air supply is of great importance since many people visit the health center daily.

The sunlit practice in Braunschweig has light floors and white walls, but the ceilings are relatively low. For this reason, the experts from FabricAir selected a semi-oval air duct with a T-rail for direct ceiling mounting to retain as much room height as possible. The FabricAir MicroFlow model ensures quiet and draft-free air distribution.

Textile air distribution system utilizing white low profile fabric duct featuring FabricAir’s MicroFlow flow model is installed at a physical therapy office in Braunschweig, Germany to provide a comfortable, draft-free, antimicrobial air dispersion system for employees and patients.

Custom Designed Textile Air Dispersion

In total, four textile air ducts were used to ensure optimal air supply in the office and therapy areas of the health center. Two of the textile air ducts each measure 25,000 mm in length and have a base width of 1,200 mm and a height of just 160 mm. Each duct evenly distributes 3,000 m³/h of fresh air throughout the health center. A rectangular transition to the semi-oval shape gives the air distribution system an appealing aesthetic. Additionally, there are two more air ducts, each 14,000 mm long, with a base width of 500 mm and a height of 160 mm. They each introduce 1,250 m³/h of fresh air into the room.

Elegant and Understated: Semi-Oval Ducts Made of White Fabric

FabricAir Sales Engineer, Heike Kues, oversaw the project from the beginning and accompanied the commissioning in Braunschweig. The client had the opportunity to preview a simulation of the finished air distribution system to ensure all requirements were met. After completion, both the client and the system installer were thrilled. The white fabric duct blends perfectly with the bright premises of the health center and seamlessly integrates into the room concept.

Fresh Air Fast

The short delivery time was also a pleasant surprise: within a few days after placing the order, the new air distribution system was delivered and installed. The new system not only allows the health center to have efficient and hygienic air supply but also contributes to a pleasant and comfortable indoor climate. Following the Coronavirus pandemic, the importance of fresh and germ-free air in enclosed spaces is indisputable.

Thanks to over 50 years of industry experience and continuous innovation, FabricAir can cater to the specific requirements and needs of all customers and offer tailored solutions. Contact FabricAir to get expert advice on designing an air distribution system that meets the highest standards in terms of health, hygiene, and comfort.


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