Varioduct optimizes temperature and comfort in pharmaceutical warehouse

Nkunzi Pharmaceuticals, a leading manufacturer of pharmaceutical products, lacked adequate temperature control, which could potentially compromise the quality and stability of their products at their warehouse in Germiston, South Africa. The project required maintaining a temperature between 15°C and 25°C. Additionally, the project involved the installation of a validated Environmental Monitoring System (EMS) to ensure real-time monitoring and alarm capabilities in case of temperature fluctuations nearing the upper or lower limits. To address the specific temperature control needs, FabricAir’s innovative VarioDuct solution was chosen for this project. It was the first-ever installation of VarioDuct in South Africa, making it a groundbreaking solution.

FabricAir’s Varioduct fabric duct solution is showcased in bright blue featuring laser cut holes precisely designed for temperature control that elevates indoor air quality in areas that require heating and cooling solutions.

The installation of VarioDuct was an essential part of the project’s success. The fabric ducting, suspended using clips and cables, featured a unique design that allowed for both cooling and heating functions, adapting seamlessly to seasonal changes. During the summer, cooled air was gently released through small perforations at the top of the ducting, allowing the air to descend and displace warmer air, which was then drawn in through return air grilles. Conversely, in winter, warm air was forced down through precisely engineered nozzles on the underside of the fabric ducting, delivering the required heat without creating drafts. The warm air would then rise and be recirculated through the return air grilles.

VarioDuct’s flexibility in terms of air volumes, pressures, and temperatures allowed for precise customization to meet the specific needs of Nkunzi Pharmaceuticals. By incorporating two distinct sections with individual static pressures and air volumes, the system offered exceptional comfort levels without compromising on efficiency or performance.

The successful implementation of FabricAir’s VarioDuct solution, along with the advanced Environmental Control System and Environmental Monitoring System, has significantly improved the temperature control and comfort levels at Nkunzi Pharmaceuticals’ warehouse. The project’s completion has not only enhanced the warehouse’s compliance with good warehousing practices but also ensured the preservation of the pharmaceutical products’ integrity and stability.

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