Galfer Manufacturing Facility, Spain


Galfer is the leading manufacturer of friction materials and braking system components for the cycling and motorcycling sectors. The heat generated in their manufacturing processes led them to turn to Airnou, an air conditioning contractor, for a solution to alleviate the stifling heat inside the facility. The extreme heat was negatively affecting the comfort of the workers. Airnou, a company familiar with the many advantages of textile diffusion solutions, did not hesitate to select FabricAir to improve the indoor air quality in the space.


Combi 20

Combi 30


Type 08, All-in-One (AiO)

Total airflow

60,000 m3/h

Flow models

SonicFlow and OriFlow


The engineering team at FabricAir designed a textile diffusion system to efficiently distribute air throughout all workstations, ensuring a cooler and more productive environment throughout. Combi 20/30 fabrics in dark gray and Type 8 All-In-One suspension were used for their ease of installation and disassembly, as well as their aesthetics. SonicFlow and OriFlow flow pattern perforations were combined in different zones to achieve draft-free diffusion and uniform distribution with low temperature gradients in the occupied area. Additionally, several customer logos were added to the duct design, adding a personalized element to the solution from FabricAir.


Airnou installed 160 meters of textile ducting in the Galfer facility, which, after commissioning, proved to be “a solution that has greatly improved comfort,” according to the plant’s own workers. The lightweight nature of the textile system and the excellent work done by Airnou allowed for a fast installation, minimizing downtime for the manufacturer. The space now has an air conditioning installation that not only adds aesthetic value but is also hygienic, and easy to remove and wash.

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