Flores Castillón, Spain


Flores Castillón is a company dedicated to floristry, gardening, and pets founded in 1955 as a small florist in Barbastro, Spain. Creating a conducive environment for plant growth is essential to ensure healthy and abundant plants. The Flores Castillón nursery faced challenges related to the uniform distribution of temperature and humidity, critical for the optimal development of plants. The use of conventional air distribution methods often failed to maintain precise air flow throughout the facility. The installation of FabricAir fabric ducts was a significant step toward creating the ideal environmental conditions in the nursery.


Combi 80


Type 01 with All-in-One

Total airflow

9,000 m3/h and 5,000 m3/h

Flow models

OriFlow™ and SonicFlow™


Together with HVAC contractor, Climatización Pirenaica, the FabricAir team designed a custom engineered air diffusion system using round fabric ducts that, unlike metal ducts, eliminate the risk of condensation thanks to the permeable fabric. Additionally, the Combi 80 fabric features antimicrobial treatment to prevent the growth and spread of any microorganism coming into contact with the duct.

A total of 45 meters of fabric ducts were installed, suspended using Type 1 suspension with All-In-One shape retention. The system offers easy disassembly, excellent aesthetics, and recyclability. The air diffusion system utilizes SonicFlow and OriFlow™ air flow models to achieve homogeneous air dispersion throughout the space. Furthermore, several client logos were printed on the duct, aiming for both aesthetics and total customization of the solution proposed by FabricAir.


In a space like this greenhouse, the lightweight and modularity of FabricAir’s fabric ducts, as well as the manageability offered by the suspension system, contribute to the easy assembly of the system and ensure the uniformity of the airflow. The FabricAir system has demonstrated its optimal functioning over time providing a comfortable, draft-free space that facilitates healthy plant growth.


Additional Information

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