Grand Pharmaceutical Group, Zhejiang, China


Grand Pharmaceutical Group, a leading pharmaceutical company based in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, faced a critical challenge in maintaining precise temperature control within their 4,600 sqm warehouse for raw materials and finished goods. The warehouse comprised three distinct zones, each with specific temperature requirements to ensure the integrity of stored pharmaceutical products. Failure to provide uniform temperatures in these areas would pose a risk to the stored materials and the company’s compliance with Good Storage Practice (GSP) validation requirements.


Combi 20


Type 01 and Type 03 with All-in-One (AiO)

Total length

1,085 meters

Flow models

FabFlow™ and OriFlow™


To address Grand Pharmaceutical Group’s unique needs, a custom-engineered fabric ducting solution was implemented. FabricAir® Combi 20, a permeable, flame-retardant fabric, was selected for its strength, durability, and ability to maintain consistent dimensions even after washing. Combi 20 fabric is rated for cleanrooms and aligns with the pharmaceutical industry’s stringent standards, being machine washable and Oeko-Tex 100 certified.

For precise air diffusion, two distinct air diffusion flow models were employed – OriFlow™ and FabFlow™. OriFlow™, utilizing laser-cut orifices, directs the air with precision to the occupied space, while FabFlow™ facilitates a draft-free environment by allowing air to exit through the permeable fabric surface, ensuring high occupant comfort.

The fabric ducting was fixed to the ceiling using Type 1 and Type 3 suspension systems with All-in-One (AiO). AiO ensures a consistent look whether the system is on or off by incorporating semi-circular hangers made from anodized aluminum. This not only enhanced the visual appeal of the ducts but also helps expedite the installation process, minimizing strain on the system during startup.

In total, 1,085 meters of fabric ducting was strategically installed across five rooms, meeting the specific temperature requirements of each zone within the warehouse.


The implementation of the fabric ducting solution yielded remarkable results for Grand Pharmaceutical Group. The temperature remained within a tight tolerance of ±2℃ across all zones, ensuring optimal conditions for pharmaceutical storage. The fabric ducting system not only met but exceeded GSP validation requirements, reinforcing the reliability and precision of the solution.

“This is our first large-scale project in China where we provided solutions for both the HVAC and cryogenic refrigeration system,” remarked Hu Baixian, FabricAir’s Sales Manager for East China. “The solution provides perfect air distribution in both areas which makes our customer quite satisfied with the result.”

Overall, the fabric ducting solution not only addressed the initial temperature control challenge but also provided a sustainable, cost-effective, and visually appealing alternative to traditional metal ductwork, aligning seamlessly with Grand Pharmaceutical Group’s pharmaceutical storage and distribution needs.

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