Thermo Fisher Warehouse, Spain


The multinational company Thermo Fisher, specialized in the development of biotechnology products, has decided to renew the ventilation and air diffusion system in one of its logistics warehouses in Barcelona.

For the air conditioning of this space, they chose to rely on FabricAir, designers and distributors of textile-based air diffusion solutions, to design a fabric duct system.


Combi 90


Type 08 with All-in-One

Total airflow

3,160 m3/h

Flow models

Primary: OriFlow™ and SonicFlow™

Seconday: FabFlow™


Working together with the installation company Optimfred, the FabricAir team designed an air diffusion system that incorporated round fabric ducts and a combination of flow models. The custom engineered airflow eliminates drafts and condensation risks to guarantee a comfortable environment throughout the space.

To achieve optimal airflow, the designers chose to combine multiple flow models.  SonicFlow and OriFlow were used for primary air dispersion to provide directional airflow that directs the air exactly where it is needed. FabFlow was used for secondary air dispersion, dispersing air through the surface of the duct. Surface airflow technology prevents condensation as well as dust and debris from accumulating inside or on the duct surface making it easy to clean and maintain.

The custom designed system was made from Combi 90 fabric. The fabric is waterproof, flame retardant, and bactericidal, especially suitable for hygienic applications. For enhanced customization, the white ducts have the company’s logo printed on the sides for added branding.

The ducts are suspended from FabricAir’s Type 8 rail system, a versatile option for vertical installations. The rail was manufactured in anodized aluminum, making it an excellent option for corrosive environments. Additionally, All-In-One support allows the duct to maintain its shape even when no air is circulating inside.


The integration of a custom-engineered FabricAir duct system retrofit at Thermo Fisher’s Barcelona logistics warehouse delivered significant enhancements in both comfort and material protection. With 108 meters of FabricAir ducts installed, the solution ensured optimal airflow distribution, eliminating drafts and condensation risks while maintaining a comfortable working environment for staff and safeguarding stored materials.

Overall, the successful collaboration between Thermo Fisher, FabricAir, and installation partner Optimfred underscores the effectiveness of tailored fabric duct solutions in industrial environments.


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