Type 13 + VARIO

Why Type 13 + VARIO ?

  • Aesthetically pleasing installation
  • Flexible in high ceiling heights
  • Great for larger diameters
  • Stable installation
  • Great for frequent wash applications

Type 13 double H-rail suspension has great flexibility, making it ideal for high ceilings, larger diameter ducts and frequent laundry. The H-rail, named so because it looks like an H in the cross section, is made out of anodized aluminum, making it an excellent choice for corrosive environments. Two H-rails are joined by an anodized aluminum semi-hoop that locks into the top of each rail. The semi-hoops are suspended using vertical cable drops. The duct is then suspended from the H-rails with sliders, in the 3 and 9 o'clock positions, that slide down the bottom channel of the H-rails. The length of the duct straps that hold the sliders can be manufactured to specification.


Easy installation

FabricAir dispersion systems are intuitive and simple to install. Each duct section is marked with an individual tag, which lets you know exactly where each piece should go. There are no trade...

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Adjustable Cable Drops
Adjustable Cable Drops are hung from the building structure and connect to H-rail or cable suspension systems.

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Curved rails

Curved rails are produced by bending our anodized H-rail. The rails are bent to the exact angle that is needed to suit the elbows in your FabricAir duct system. Curved rails are only available...

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H-rail is commonly used to suspend complex FabricAir dispersion systems, as there can be bent to suit the elbows. H-rail is produced in 2 meter sections using an extrusion process and...

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Hoops, exposed

Exposed exterior hoops are used in conjunction with a double H-rail system. The exposed hoops are made of anodized aluminum and help keep the H-rails from "cheating" toward the center of the...

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FabricAir Install Tips

Receiving the Order 

- There are typically 2 UPS shipments for each order. 

- Suspension hardware is shipped from US warehouse. 

- Fabric is shipped...

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