Fabric Ducts Enhance Indoor Air Quality for Production of Plastic Parts

In Lower Saxony, Germany, a leading plastic technology business partnered with FabricAir to optimize indoor air quality, ensuring the highest standards in their production processes. Operating around the globe since the 1980s with production sites in China and Germany, this prominent company prioritizes responsible raw materials and rigorous quality controls to maintain consistently high product quality.

Importance of Indoor Air Quality in Plastic Production

For companies specializing in plastic technology and manufacturing, maintaining excellent indoor air quality is paramount. High quality airflow not only promotes the well-being of employees but also plays a crucial role in preserving the integrity of the finished products. Airborne particles can settle on plastic surfaces, compromising quality. Furthermore, inadequate air conditions may impact machinery performance, leading to increased maintenance requirements and higher operational costs. Therefore, investing in efficient ventilation systems is essential to create a clean and healthy work environment, ultimately boosting productivity and profitability.

A custom-designed semi-circular fabric duct system in white fabric enhances the indoor air quality in a production facility for plastic parts.

Tailored Ventilation Solution for Optimal Air Distribution

FabricAir’s team, led by sales engineer Heike Kues, custom designed a solution for the Bad Iburg facility. The master office overlooking the production hall now features an 11,500 mm long semi-circular air duct. The fabric duct, measuring 625 mm in width and 312 mm in height, includes a rectangular connection on the end (1205 x 222 mm), in white fabric for an elegant and clean appearance.

FabricAir duct systems provide versatile solutions for any ceiling height, including low ceilings. The semi-circular duct provides a sleek, low-profile solution while ensuring even and comfortable air distribution throughout the space. This results in a constant and pleasant room temperature. The installation in this production facility serves as another testament to how FabricAir enhances the health and comfort of work environments.

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