New Air Distribution System for Beverage Manufacturer

In the field of industrial air conditioning, FabricAir is known for their innovative, efficient, and reliable solutions. This reputation was recently confirmed by a project at a renowned beverage manufacturer in Southern Germany. The customer is a leader in the beverage industry and known for its decades-long history. In 2023, the company faced a major challenge: the air distribution system in the production facility in needed to be renewed.

FabricAir ducts in bright blue fabric with laser-cut holes for air delivery are installed in a beverage manufacturing facility in Southern Germany.

Before: Poor Indoor Climate and Discomfort

In the production facility, fabric ducts from other manufacturers were already in use, but unfortunately, there were discomfort and health complaints from the employees. The space was so uncomfortable that the company was considering replacing the fabric ducts with conventional metal ducts. However, this would have meant a step backward in terms of efficiency and environmental consciousness. Air distribution through metal ducts often lead to uneven air distribution due to their rigidity, while textile ducts allow for custom-engineered even and efficient airflow. This leads to better air quality and a more pleasant indoor climate, increasing the comfort and well-being of the employees. In addition, FabricAir ducts are significantly lighter, making installation and maintenance easier while reducing transport and delivery costs.

After: A Tailor-Made Solution

As a company with decades of experience and technical know-how, FabricAir was selected to create a custom solution for the space. At the first meeting with the beverage manufacturer, it became clear that FabricAir’s Combi 80 fabric would be the ideal solution for the company’s air quality challenges. Combi 80 is known for its antibacterial properties and is particularly suitable for hygienic applications – especially in the food industry – as it prevents mold and bacterial growth.

The FabricAir team, led by sales engineer Heike Kues, developed exactly what the customer needed: an efficient, hygienic, and comfortable draft-free air distribution system. Through the combination of two flow models, MicroFlow and SonicFlow, optimal air circulation can now be ensured, which improves working conditions. In addition, FabricAir’s All-in-One system with 180° brackets ensures that the shape of the FabricAir ducts is maintained even when the system is turned off. The existing suspension rail system was suitable for the new duct system which reduced the installation time to a minimum.

FabricAir Ducts Now and in the Future

The installation of the new system led to an immediate and noticeable improvement in the air conditions in the production hall. FabricAir ducts not only save energy costs but are also washable, leading to a long service life and reduced environmental impact with proper care and maintenance. The customer was so impressed with the efficiency and quality of the solution that they decided to source all future air distribution systems exclusively from FabricAir.

Are you also looking for an efficient and reliable solution for your production facility? Contact us today and let our experts advise you. We look forward to finding the perfect solution for your requirements together with you.


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