Effective environmental controls key in managing grow house VPD, transpiration

Temperature. Relative Humidity. Airflow. While these are indisputably the core variables in the HVAC industry, managing them through effective environmental controls takes on a heightened role in the booming U.S. cannabis indoor grow market.
fabric ducting comparison vs metal

Fabric vs metal ducting – 4 real differences

When undertaking a new construction or renovation project, the air diffusion system is near the top of the list of considerations to ensure high indoor air quality (IAQ). For decades, the construction industry overwhelmingly looked to traditional metal-based ducting HVAC solutions.

3 ways fabric ducts can enhance a house of worship experiences

When entering any house of worship around the world, chances are air distribution is not top of mind. The allure of what draws many to these sacred places – a brief respite from the world, beautiful architecture, wonderful music, and historic relics – are the very things that can be negatively impacted by faulty or old HVAC systems.
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