Laboratory air distribution issues and how to solve them

Conventional solutions are just not efficient enough to provide the best air distribution possible but the HVAC industry is constantly evolving and there are some alternatives that address the needs of these extremely regulated environments.

How to keep your employees healthy in food processing facilities

It is not uncommon for employees in the food processing industry to develop health problems. Some issues can be related to the general workplace safety protocols and others – with faulty equipment or even things like low temperatures and poorly functioning air diffusion systems. These health concerns not only impact workers, but also the companies that must cope with the resulting absenteeism.

Three ways contractors benefit from fabric ducts

Contractors are often faced with a variety of challenges during a construction project. Scheduling, keeping up with the time and budget, skilled employees, and quality materials are just a small part of it.

3 main fabric ducting values for consulting engineers

Due to its technical flexibility, economic benefits, and environmental advantages, consulting engineers benefits from fabric-based solutions.

3 reasons why architects choose fabric-based air distribution

When designing the overall architecture of buildings, it is impossible not to think about air diffusion systems. They are simply unavoidable in architectural work and many architects simply turn a blind eye to horrible-looking ceiling elements.

Care-free air distribution for ultimate comfort: 4 reasons to choose fabric

Perfect air dispersion is draft-free and increases comfort. It has positive effects not just on people, but also on the durability of buildings and equipment by eliminating condensation and preventing dampness and mold growth.

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