Eldor Corporation, Izmir, Turkey

Case study

Tekstiliniai ortakiai - Eldor Corporation, Izmir, Turkey
Tekstiliniai ortakiai - Eldor Corporation, Izmir, Turkey

Eldor Corporation, Izmir, Turkey

City İzmir
Country Turkey
Job category Industrial
Year 2013
Contractor Mutlu Coşar
Fabric Combi 20
Suspension Type 11
Total airflow 160000 m3/h
Flow model(s) NozzFlow™

The Eldor Corporation  management decided to find a solution to the problems with differences in indoor temperature, which were damaging PLC print cards in its production facilities.

FabricAir, together with Cosar Muhedislik (the Contractor), designed a FabricAir dispersion system using Combi 20 fabric with NozzFlow™ that minimized the differences in indoor air temperature. The new system is able to sustain an average room temperature of 25-26°C (compared to 40°C in the past) with αT of max 2° in the whole production area.

The retrofit of the air distribution system from conventional sheet metal ducts with spot diffusers to a FabricAir air dispersion system has completely resolved the problem of PLC print cards burning out.

Considering that there is no more disruption to production and the cost of new PLC cards, the investment in the FabricAir air dispersion system has paid for itself in very short time”, says Mr. Tolga Yücel, Deputy Technical Manager at Eldor Corporation.

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NozzFlowTM is used in applications where very precise directional airflow is needed. The discharge coefficient is almost at unity due to the shape of the nozzle.