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FabricAir to exhibit at largest HVAC fair in Poland

Poland’s largest HVAC expo will take place in Warsaw March 1-3. FabricAir will exhibit in Hall C, Booth C2.12a.

Over 3.3 km of fabric ducts for a new Amazon facility

The new Amazon facility will include 3.36 km of VarioDuct, utilizing 112 sections of duct.

FabricAir marks 50 years of HVAC industry leadership

FabricAir is turning 50! That's half a century of providing top-notch fabric-based HVAC solutions to the world.

VIP-level HVAC solution for VIP guests at the World Cup venue

The upcoming Biathlon World Championship 2023 in Oberhof, Germany, will feature state-of-the-art fabric ducts in the temporary VIP tents.

Innovative air distribution system provides precise temperature control in pharmaceutical warehouse

Fiege, a leading logistics company, turned to FabricAir to design a fabric-based air distribution system for the new pharmaceutical warehouse.

FabricAir to attend one of the biggest HVAC industry tradeshows AHR Expo 2023

FabricAir, a leading manufacturer of fabric-based air distribution solutions, will be attending the AHR Expo 2023 in Atlanta, USA.

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