Bergsten Timber, Denmark

Bergsten Timber is one of Denmark’s leading timber wholesalers, not just in the country but in Europe as well. The company runs a strong network of partners in Nordic region, Baltics and Russia and offers a wide range of flexible solutions for their customers.

When Bergsten Timber opened a brand-new office building, they had a wish to make it different and install air distribution systems that would integrate with the whole interior design. Because of that, the company chose FabricAir to supply the building with ceiling diffuser units. Handling units are located in the basement, pushing heated or cooled air through a solid piping system across three stories. The air then has to be distributed through 67 strategically placed ceiling diffuser units.

FabricAir decided to introduce and implement its newest innovation in the product line. A fabric-based ceiling diffusers (supply and extract) made from two de-attachable standard fabric parts – plenum box and flow panel. FabricAir’s ceiling diffusers offered easy installation, flexible design, a choice of aesthetic finishes and energy-friendly technology.

Office Area

950 m²

Ceiling Height

2,40 m

Air Volume

8.300 m³/h

FabricAir Diffuser Size

600×1200 mm, 600×600 mm

Total Pressure Loss Diffuser

23 Pa


67 in total (32 supply and 35 extract)

Noise Level Max

21 dba

New three-floor office building was fully supplied with high quality air coming from integrated and not visible ceiling diffusers. The color of the units’ fabric was chosen to be as close to the actual ceiling color, as possible. This new solution assimilated to the environment and became part of the interior design.

After the installment of ceiling diffusers, the client instantly saw the difference from previous applications when compared to their old office building. New ceiling diffusors are fully insulated to prevent energy loss, therefore they are suitable for isothermal or cooling conditions. As the diffusors are made in different dimensions, they easily integrated in the ceiling panels and became a part of interior design but also provided with perfect air quality and eliminated chances of uncomfortable drafts.

“Subtle but effective, the FabricAir diffusors perfectly match the aesthetics of our new office. More importantly, they ensure good air circulation so that we are able to work in comfort, whatever the weather outside”, says Morten Bergsten, CEO at Bergsten Timber.