HEG Gıda, Turkey

HEG Gıda is one of the biggest bakery products manufacturers in Turkey that produces bakery products for many famous brands. HEG Bakery Factory, with an area of 130,000 m², was built considering sustainability and high hygiene principles, therefore they needed a very hygienic air distribution solution that would prevent any health hazards, and would create perfect conditions for the products and employees working in various zones. Because of that, the company chose FabricAir’s system, as it met all the unique needs of the production facility.


Combi 70

Suspension type

Type 03

Total airflow

479.238 m3/h


MicroFlow™, FabFlow™


In bakeries, air distribution has an immense influence on product quality. Due to improper air distribution, the dough may dry out quickly or baked goods take too long to cool properly which may eventually result in production losses.

With proper air distribution, the dough is protected from drying out due to high air velocities from spot diffusion and more control over vital set points allows facility managers to maintain product quality at all times, regardless of seasonal conditions.

In addition, the ovens or hot areas may lead to uncomfortably warm working conditions which have a negative effect on the comfort of the employees that are constantly standing near ovens or hot areas. Thus, it is crucial to have a tailor-made air distribution system that meets the specific requirements and creates a pleasant environment for the occupants.

Eventually, hygiene in food production factories is of paramount importance. The risk of mold and microorganism formation must be eliminated. Since this risk cannot be completely eliminated with conventional metal systems, it is necessary to use a hygienic air distribution solution that complies with local food safety regulations.


FabricAir worked closely with HEG Gıda to design and deliver a tailor-made air distribution system. After the initial inquiry and a site visit, FabricAir tailored in Combi 70 with a Type 3 an anodized aluminum rail suspension system which was delivered and installed quickly in line with the construction plan.

With the precise airflows and the lower pressure loss, HEG Gıda will save 40% on energy bills even having in mind huge heat load of ovens and other hot zones in the factory. A combination of MicroFlow and FabFlow flow models offered a comfortable work environment for the employees as well as optimal hygiene conditions for the products.


FabricAir provided not only effective but also energy-efficient easy-to-install air dispersion solutions to HEG Gıda. The system will provide the best working environment for employees. High performance will be ensured all year round in the factory, even on the hottest days, ensuring production may continue without any problems or disturbances.