Hotel Las Calas


In spring, the Hotel Las Calas owners decided to enhance the dining experience in the hotel’s restaurant and install an air distribution system in the restaurant that is located next to their pool.

The enclosure is all glazed and although in spring and autumn it is very pleasant, in summer and winter it was not feasible to have meals and breakfasts in this area of the hotel.


Combi 70, wooden print

Suspension type

Type 08, AiO

Total airflow

1.800 m3/h



As the restaurant was decorated with wood and with a very sought out design, FabricAir engineers came up with an option that would be integrated into the whole interior design.

The hotel was at full capacity during the installation days, so the solution had to be installed very quickly.


The installation of the new air diffusion system was implemented in cooperation with Ecologics Controlclima. The hotel equipped its space with ducts manufactured in Combi 70 with the SonicFlow flow model to achieve uniform diffusion. The air velocity in the occupied zone of between 0.15 and 0.2 m/s was achieved, guaranteeing a pleasant atmosphere, draft free environment and the risk of condensation.

The fabric used has a wood pattern that matches the ceilings of the space, creating a more harmonious environment with greater aesthetic value.


From now on, the glazed restaurant has become a wonderful area for occupants to enjoy their meals without excessive condensation, drafts and unpleasant odours. In addition, the brand-new fabric ducts seamlessly integrates into the interior design and complements the looks of the space.

“Now, it is very pleasant to be sitting next to the pool. The air diffusion is very good. The comfort is on another level and during the months it has been in operation we have had no complaints of drafts or extreme temperatures”, says Miguel Ortega, Technical Director at Ecologics Controlclima.