Hotel Las Calas


In a charming corner of the Aragonese Pyrenees, is Ligüerre de Cinca Resort, that is now transformed into a place to enjoy the attraction of wine tourism.

Within this puzzle of wonders that compose it, the resort has opened a new space for celebrations with spectacular views and an innovative design.


Combi 20, dark grey

Suspension type

Type 01, AiO

Total airflow

2 x 6.700 m3/h



As this new space besides the resort was previously equipped with conventional solutions, it needed a brand-new air distribution system so that the occupants would feel a maximum comfort without any cold spots or unpleasant drafts.


With the collaboration of Intec, FabricAir engineers proposed the installation of a fabric-based solution made of Combi 20 fabric in combination with PerfoFlow flow models that guarantees the perfect and even temperature during every hour of the day and delivers uniform air velocity in the interior.


The delivery was received exactly on the agreed day and FabricAir staff carried out the complete assembly in one day, taking care of all the details so that it was perfect. Optimal, hygienic, and aesthetic air diffusion was achieved.

“We wanted to get rid of the traditional sheet metal duct with grilles. We are always looking for every corner of Ligüerre to be excellent and attractive, so that even our most demanding clients would feel satisfied. FabricAir is a supplier that gives us great value to the facilities and adds to the aesthetic look of the premises,” says Jesús Morant, promoter of the center.