MalmöMässan, Malmö, Sweden

The longest air throw in the industry provides a comfortable indoor climate in exhibition halls with heigh ceilings

Fewer ducts and shorter installation times combined with a state-of-the-art system design led to significant savings and an unrivalled indoor climate.


Combi 85

Suspension Type

Type 5

Total Air Flow

200.000 m³/h

Flow Models



MalmöMässan in Malmö, Sweden, comprises 20.000 m² indoor fair grounds that supplement the well-known Malmö Arena during large-scale events. The main exhibition hall has an area of 14.000 m². The facility was built to Green Buildings standards and opened in 2012.

The system needed to efficiently counteract heat from spotlights and exhibited machinery during trade fairs but also heat the halls on cold winter days.


The ceiling height of the halls was a challenge for most ventilation alternatives; thus the ventilation contractor, Climate 80 AB, selected FabricAir due to our JetFlow™ solution  which offers the longest throw in the industry.

The solution consisted of Combi 85 fabric, with JetFlow™, suspended via Type 5.

The solution enables the building manager to adjust  the temperature and humidity of the space in just one hour regardless if it is too warm or too cold.

Using JetFlow™ it was possible to reduce the number of ducts needed to achieve the desired IaQ, thus resulting in significant savings.


The result is a comfortable indoor climate in the occupant zone regardless of heating or cooling application.

Significant saving were realized due to the easy installation and efficient system design, which limited the number of ducts required to achieve the desired results.

“The installation took half the expected time, as we used fabric ducts instead of conventional metal ones. We are very satisfied with that,” says Per Gerdtsen, Ventilation Contract Manager, Climate 80 AB. “We maintain a satisfactory indoor climate under all kinds of conditions, and the fabric ducts in the halls work perfectly. We cannot imagine a better solution!,” says Lasse Larsson, Managing Director, Malmö Mässan.