Novamed GMBH, Antalya, Turkey

The No. 1 choice for medical production facilities

Strict standards apply to medical production facilities. FabricAir solutions comply with the Class 100,000 Cleanroom standard.


Trevira CS 100

Suspension Type

Type 11

Total Air Flow

12.000 m³/h

Flow Models



When NovaMed Gmbh, one of the leading companies in the medical sector, needed to ensure high air quality standards in their production facilities in the Antalya Free Zone, they turned to FabricAir for a Class 100,000 Cleanroom solution.

They needed an efficient solution which would distribute the air evenly to ensure a comfortable work environment and easily could be taken down for laundry purposes.


We delivered a high-end solution consisting of white Trevira CS 100 fabric with FabFlow™, suspended by Type 11.

The system design helps control the level of contaminants in their sterile environment, as it produces a minimum of particles and the permeable nature of the fabric prevents condensation from settling on the surface, which in turn prevents mold and bacteria growth.

Large amounts of air can be supplied to the room at very low velocities to create a superior indoor air quality for its occupants.

The ducts can easily be taken down for laundry and maintenance.


The result is a hygienic and comfortable  indoor climate that complies with the required cleanroom standard Class 100,000.

“Since the day we started using the FabricAir system, we have had no problems complying with the Class 100,000 Cleanroom standard. It is a sign that we have made a right decision. When we examined FabricAir’s products, we deduced that it would be the most effective solution for us. Also, easy washing and cleaning is an excellent feature for companies that have to produce in a sterile environment like ours. We have new investments and projects on the agenda and we plan to use FabricAir dispersion solutions for these.” says Technical Manager, NovaMed GmbH Eng. Sarper Altun.