Systemair HSK, Turkey

Superior Indoor Air Quality in Office Environment

Building space restrictions and indoor air quality concerns made a FabricAir dispersion system the optimal solution for the Systemair HSK Istanbul, Turkey office.


Combi 30

Suspension Type

Type 11

Total Air Flow

3.200 m³/h + 1.300 m³/h | 200 Pa

Flow Models



Systemair HSK, a leading ventilation company, manufactures high-quality ventilation products with operations in 50 countries.

Systemair HSK preferred the fabric duct system to achieve a more homogeneous fresh air distribution for its new offices in Istanbul. For this reason, Systemair HSK settled on a fabric-based dispersion solution from FabricAir among the alternatives, since this was the solution that best met their needs.

FabricAir ducting has gained the trust of professionals for providing high IAQ, low noise levels (max NC15), preventing drafts and providing high performance in low ceiling areas.


FabricAir and mechanical company Kuralpan collaborated on a custom solution, which consisted of a D-shaped duct in Combi 30 with SonicFlow™ suspended by a Type 11 aluminum H-rail system.

Due to the low ceiling, a custom fabric ducting solution was ideal to address the indoor air quality and noise concerns. The stringent criteria regarding IAQ made FabricAir the obvious choice.


The result is a pleasant, draft-free indoor environment, that counteracts humidity and is virtually silent. This ensures the highest comfort levels for the employees.

Also, the solution integrates well with the architecture in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Veli Zengin, who is the manager of Kuralpan Mechanical Company said that:
“FabricAir has helped our employees in every phase of the project from design to installation. We have satisfied our customers by offering an air distribution system that looks stylish and also made our job easier due to its installation advantages. Both we and our customer are satisfied with the results.”