Rock climbing gym, Canyon Escalade, Canada

Controlled indoor air quality at altitude is a must for the climbers to ensure their safety and comfort

Even air dispersion was the biggest concern when designing this rock climbing facility. With the help of FabricAir ducts, Canyon Escalade achieved perfect comfort, with no hot or cold spots, regardless of the season.


Combi 70

Suspension Type

Type 08, galvanized steel

Total Air Flow

8.240 m³/h | 14,000 CFM

Flow Models



FabricaAir’s partner, The Master Group in Quebec, Canada, was selected to supply the fabric ducts for Canyon Escalade. This is the highest indoor rock climbing facility in Quebec. FabricAir was chosen over alternate air distribution methods based on four criteria:

Safety– A permeable fabric was chosen to eliminate the possibility of condensation build-up on the duct, which if unaddressed, would have been a safety concern if it dripped on the climbing wall.
Comfort– FabricAir ducts provide even air distribution, which eliminates the built-up heat at the top of the rock climbing walls due to stratification.
Aesthetics– Our ducts are available in a wide range of colors, which enables a seamless fit into the colorful design at Canyon Escalade.
Expertise– With more than 40 years of experience, FabricAir was the clear market leader.


The combination of flow models and this type of permeable fabric ensures efficient dispersion of fresh air to feather any evaporating odor or possible humidity build-up, which is not allowed in the rock climbing gym application for safety reasons. This technology eliminates condensation, thus no dripping from the ducts.

OriFlow™ was used to achieve even air dispersion of cool, fresh air all along the height of the climbing wall. This creates comfortable and safe conditions for beginners at the bottom and pros at the top of the wall.


FabricAir designed, produced, and delivered a superior product, that increases safety for the climbers at “Canyon Escalade”. To the owner’s delight, the even air distribution allows for comfort at all altitudes.

Gabriel Dagenais, of The Master Group, quoted the owner as saying that: “This is the first time it has ever been cool at the top of the wall.”